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Hockey Road Trip, Fall 2004

Week One - Southwest - Sat, 10/16 - Fri, 10/22
Week Two - Texas - Sat.,10/23 - Fri, 10/29
Week Three - Southeast - Sat, 10/30 - Fri, 11/5
Week Four - Southeast - Sat, 11/6 - Fri, 11/12
Week Five - Mid Atlantic - Sat, 11/13 - Fri, 11/19
Week Six - Long Island - Sat, 11/20 - Fri, 11/26
Week Seven - Midwest - Sat, 11/27 - Fri, 12/3
Week Eight - Midwest - Sat, 12/4 - Fri, 12/10
Week Nine - Las Vegas - Sat, 12/11 - Fri, 12/17
Week Ten - California - Sat, 12/18 - Fri, 12/24
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Monday, 11/1

No games today.

Kind of a 'rest' day. I did go and get the driver's window in my car fixed. Somewhere in my travels (probably Texas), the driver's door window would only go down about 2 inches and when I rolled it back up, it went back up crooked. It left a gap causing that aweful whiney whistle you get when the window isn't all the way closed.

Turns out two screws had fallen out: one got caught preventing the window from going down; the other causing it to go up crooked.

Thanks to the good folks at Breakaway Honda for excellent customer service and fixing it in a timely manner.

Tuesday, 11/2

Hope everyone has gotten out and voted. I did an absentee ballot before leaving on my trip.

After three well needed days of rest (John did the driving to Charlotte and Gwinnett), I was ready to hit the road again.

I'm in Florence, SC now awaiting a PeeDee Pride vs. Greenville Grrrowl hockey game this evening.

The game at the Florence Civic Center was great! I had such a good time. Grrrowl finally won their first game of the season in a shoot out. They are now 1 - 5.


Florence Civic Center

Here's the Civic Center. This photo was taken from the driveway of my hotel. It was quite nice being able to walk to the arena. No hassle with traffic.

Here's the inside of the arena. Note - no center scoreboard and no Pride logo in the center of the ice.

The score really was Pride 1 Guest 2. They never did update the scoreboard. Those SOG look awfully wrong. Well..... I just checked the sports page and the final SOG were Pride 46 Grrrowl 20 (and that includes the 5 taken during the shoot out).

The ECHL rule for games tied at the end of the 3rd period is to have a 5 minute 4 on 4 period, then go to a shoot out.

Game Ten - Florence Civic Center
Pride vs. Grrrowl
Score: Grrrowl 2 - Pride 1

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