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Hockey Road Trip, Fall 2004

Week One - Southwest - Sat, 10/16 - Fri, 10/22
Week Two - Texas - Sat.,10/23 - Fri, 10/29
Week Three - Southeast - Sat, 10/30 - Fri, 11/5
Week Four - Southeast - Sat, 11/6 - Fri, 11/12
Week Five - Mid Atlantic - Sat, 11/13 - Fri, 11/19
Week Six - Long Island - Sat, 11/20 - Fri, 11/26
Week Seven - Midwest - Sat, 11/27 - Fri, 12/3
Week Eight - Midwest - Sat, 12/4 - Fri, 12/10
Week Nine - Las Vegas - Sat, 12/11 - Fri, 12/17
Week Ten - California - Sat, 12/18 - Fri, 12/24
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Sunday, 11/28

We left Philadelphia early and headed to Greenville, SC. Hit a bit of traffic around Roanoke, VA. Both John and I shared the driving. Was good to finally get back to John's place after a long day of driving.

Monday, 11/29

I left Greenville, SC and headed to Kansas City. Stopped in Clarksville, TN for the night. Basically, another day of driving.

Tuesday, 11/30

Today was an absolutely awful day of driving. It started out with rain, and more rain, and even more rain. Made it to St. Louis with wipers going the entire way. Continued on to Kansas City. Then the white stuff started appearing on my windshield along with the rain. Then it was all white stuff. I drove in the snow for about 100 miles, not seeing well at all. Finally stopped 20 miles outside of Kansas City. Decided not to go to the hockey game because I couldn't see well enough to drive. Turned out okay because there wasn't a game. More on that tomorrow.

I would have given anything for a back and shoulder massage this evening. My body was so tense from that drive.

Instead, I walked (should I say slipped - on the ice) over to Clancy's, a restaurant walking distance from the hotel. They sat me by a fireplace. I had a glass of wine. Both were nice.

Wednesday, 12/1

White rabbit!

You know, it's one thing to plan a trip and print 50 pages of directions, attraction lists, time of games, etc. Three hole punch them and put them in a binder in chronological order. It's another thing to remember to read them.

As I was driving back to St. Louis (actually St. Charles) to see a River Otters game, I looked at my 'binder' and realized the Kansas City game was tonight. Since I was just 50 miles from St. Charles, I decided not to head back to Kansas City but to spend a few days in St. Charles.

So, I'll criss cross Missouri three times this trip.

I think I'm getting tired.

This is a lot of what I saw crossing Missouri. Snow and farms.

Since today was sunshine, blue skies and clear driving conditions, it wasn't so bad.

Quite picturesque, in fact.

Thursday, 12/2

Today I visited the town of Saint Charles, MO. I visited the first State Capitol, strolled along the river front and town, and visited a Lewis and Clark Museum.

Missouri's first State Capitol was in this building from 1821 - 1826. It was used while they were building the one in Jefferson City. St. Charles was chosen as the city for the temporary Capitol, basically, because it was pretty much free. The first two years, no rent was paid. The remaining years, $2 to $2.50 a month were paid for the usage of the second floor. Both the House and the Senate were on the second floor. Sessions were held from November to February (non-farming months). The building was owned by two brothers in the fur trading business.

I meandered through the streets and along the river front (Missouri River). Mostly there were quaint little shops selling lots of Christmas stuff. Not being much of a shopper, I didn't go in any. Instead, read the plaques about the buildings.

I headed over to the Lewis and Clark Museum. I quite like hearing the story of these two gentlemen. They say the journey they and the Corps of Discovery made would be equivilant to a trip to the moon today. Watched a nice National Geographic film about their journey, then looked at the displays.

After that, it was well after lunch time. I headed back to town (walking distance) and found a nice place for lunch. Had ham and brie with apples (no mustard) on toasted french bread. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Here's where I had lunch, The Winery at Little Hills. They actually sold bottles of wine to go. Hadn't ever seen that in a restaurant before. Missouri, apparently, has a pretty big wine industry. Who knew? I would never have thought that.



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